Peter Ambrose of Merrill Lynch: Leading with the Best

Peter AMBROSE, Managing Director and Market Executive of Merrill Lynch, is among the best leaders in his organization and he has a reputation for managing cohesive, motivated teams.

Leading with top names like Peter Ambrose, or working with companies such as Merrill Lynch, requires a different approach to the office. Examples of what you’ll need to are touched on below:

  • Make People Think. Leaders foster talent in their teams, helping each team member improve and reach new heights in their careers. This requires making people think and rewarding creativity. Some leaders accomplish this with monthly outside-the-box thinking challenges, others with rotating team roles or team games.

The method you use isn’t what matters – what’s important is that you can prompt people to use their minds and become better versions of themselves.

  • Practice Accountability. Leaders must practice accountability when mistakes happen. If you’re connected to a mistake in any way, you need to take responsibility for it. Typically, if the mistake happened from your team, you’re connected.

Do not let anyone in your team take the fall for mistakes. Accept scrutiny and repercussions yourself, protecting your team. This sparks team loyalty and morale.

  • Set an Example. Leaders often set rules for their teams to follow and watch in confusion as many members ignore the rules. The most common cause of this is that the leaders are not acting as exemplary team members.

Demonstrate what you expect from team members. Lead by example. When your team sees behavior in you, they will consciously or subconsciously follow suit.

Take a page from reputable leaders like Peter Ambrose of Merrill Lynch and pick up a reputable leadership book to learn more.

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Peter AMBROSE of Merrill Lynch: Personnel Management Strategy

Peter AMBROSE, Managing Director and Market Executive of Merrill Lynch, has decades of experience as a manager, leader and director. Personnel management is among his most-valued professional skills.

Personnel managers like Peter Ambrose of Merrill Lynch can deftly manage human resources within a company, helping individuals succeed and, thus, pushing the organization toward success. Below are examples of strategies that you can apply to join their ranks:

  • Skills and Availability. You need to understand the skills and availability of your personnel to effectively manage. Resource availability is subject to change, so data acquisition on skills and availability is an ongoing process.

In addition to a grasp on the skills and availability of your existing team members, stay current on the needs of the company and the resources available in your talent pools. Available talent can change in hours – if you see the person for the job, act.

  • Resource Allocation. Once you know the availability of your human resources, it’s up to you to allocate them for maximum effectiveness. Don’t overload some team members and under-utilize others.

If you’ve accepted the role of personnel manager in an existing company, conduct a company-wide survey. Include a question pertaining to how under- or over-utilized each team member feels and adjust accordingly.

Peter Ambrose has worked for Merrill Lynch since 2004. Though he accepted his role as Managing Director and Market Executive over a decade ago, he continues to study skills like personnel management on a regular basis. Take a hint from such professionals and include personnel management as a topic in your lifelong learning.

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Peter Ambrose of Merrill Lynch – Networking

Peter Ambrose Merrill Lynch believes that it is more important than ever before to build a solid network. In the age of computers and online marketing, having a reliable group of people to connect with, from friends, family, academic peers, work colleagues to people in the community is key to moving up the corporate ladder. There are many reasons to have a network, like landing a job.

Unlike most college graduates, Ambrose knew that it would take much more than just his abilities, skills and knowledge to build a career. In fact, he started building a strong network of connections while in University. This put him in contact with people from the hidden job market and helped him find employers who just don’t advertise their jobs. Instead of going through tons of resumes, some employers prefer to hire someone through a close contact.

There are many different people that should be in your network. Most important are your friends and family members, the people who are closest to you and know you the best. Then, reach out to acquaintances or those people you just hang out with on social occasions, states Ambrose. Branch out to people in the community that could help you climb the corporate ladder, including community leaders, club members even professionals from different industries.

Peter Ambrose of Merrill Lynch knows that there are many ways to build a network, from just talking to random people or assisting those who have specific problems. Put yourself out there, get involved in a new situation or celebrate others accomplishments, you never know how others can help in the long run.

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Peter Ambrose of Merrill Lynch – education

Obtaining a degree from University can be the most challenging and toughest thing a person can experience. For Peter Ambrose of Merrill Lynch, it showed him that he has what it takes to make it in the world, proving that his intellect, work ethic and stamina were strong. Not only did he put many hours in studying to meet all the different challenges in University, but he found the drive to succeed.

Ambrose Graduated from Kingston High School in 1982, with many fond memories of his academic achievements and extracurricular activities. He was the captain of the football team and was the league MVP. Through football, Peter Ambrose developed team building and leadership skills, which have helped him many times throughout his career. Not only did he play football, but he was also lettered on the varsity tennis team. His skills on and off the court earned him the respect and admiration from his peers and faculty.

Peter Ambrose then went on to earn a degree from Saint Bonaventure University in 1986, where his drive and determination to push himself paid off. Peter Ambrose learned the value of hard work and what it took to process all the information presented in University. Ambrose found that going above and beyond teachers’ expectations made a huge difference in his academic career. Peter Ambrose became adept at managing time, working on a team and even surpassing even his own expectations while in school.

Peter Ambrose of Merrill Lynch prepared himself well for his positions in the financial marketplace and working as an advisor. Not only did Ambrose learn what it takes to navigate the market, but he also learned how to think critically and analyze different situations.

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Peter Ambrose of Merrill Lynch – client acquisition

Peter Ambrose Merrill Lynch understands that client acquisition is an important part of making any business work. However, there are a few things to take into consideration before you should start spending time and money acquiring new clients. First, analyze your company and figure out if you are indeed ready for client acquisition. Second, determine what your strategy will be, from networking to outbound calling there are many different ways to start. Finally, make sure that your company and team is ready to take on more clients.

It is important to be prepared, as client acquisition is not a perfect process and many things can go right or wrong. However, there are many different ways to mitigate the risk involved and increase the chances of success. Make sure that your strategy is focused on the clients you wish to obtain and contains a basic plan that is flexible. As plans change and having another option to rely on will help you meet your deadlines and other responsibilities.

Client acquisition is not cheap, in fact, it can be very expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, it is important to estimate your cost and to plan in advance. Remember you are working with people and it is important to give them the best possible service, which means having the right employees.

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Peter Ambrose of Merrill Lynch – Leadership

Peter Ambrose of Merrill Lynch believes that leadership is a skill that will get you far in the business world. Not only is he a proven leader, but he is also a strategic business partner and team builder. He has taken the time to cultivate his leadership skills and put them into practice at the offices of Merrill Lynch. His accomplishments include client acquisition, increasing assets, revenue and ultimately increasing market share.

Ambrose is a dynamic and results driven executive who is responsible for the management of the employees in the Northern Virginia market. His leadership role includes managing a team of approximately 250 employees, which consists of five offices. He accomplishes his goals by utilizing his years of education and experience.

In fact, Ambrose has many qualities of a great leader, from honesty to being able to delegate. It is more important than ever before to be transparent and ethical in the business world, especially when you are responsible for teams.

Everything, from a team to the business, depends on the ability to be organized and efficient. Without the solid foundation of trust he has built up over time in the offices of Merrill Lynch, Ambrose would not be where he is today.

Peter Ambrose Merrill Lynch uses the strengths of his team and capitalizes on them. He knows that communication is a vital part of the process, as his team must understand what is required. It takes a great leader to make sure the company is productive and successful.

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