Peter Ambrose of Merrill Lynch: Leading with the Best

Peter AMBROSE, Managing Director and Market Executive of Merrill Lynch, is among the best leaders in his organization and he has a reputation for managing cohesive, motivated teams.

Leading with top names like Peter Ambrose, or working with companies such as Merrill Lynch, requires a different approach to the office. Examples of what you’ll need to are touched on below:

  • Make People Think. Leaders foster talent in their teams, helping each team member improve and reach new heights in their careers. This requires making people think and rewarding creativity. Some leaders accomplish this with monthly outside-the-box thinking challenges, others with rotating team roles or team games.

The method you use isn’t what matters – what’s important is that you can prompt people to use their minds and become better versions of themselves.

  • Practice Accountability. Leaders must practice accountability when mistakes happen. If you’re connected to a mistake in any way, you need to take responsibility for it. Typically, if the mistake happened from your team, you’re connected.

Do not let anyone in your team take the fall for mistakes. Accept scrutiny and repercussions yourself, protecting your team. This sparks team loyalty and morale.

  • Set an Example. Leaders often set rules for their teams to follow and watch in confusion as many members ignore the rules. The most common cause of this is that the leaders are not acting as exemplary team members.

Demonstrate what you expect from team members. Lead by example. When your team sees behavior in you, they will consciously or subconsciously follow suit.

Take a page from reputable leaders like Peter Ambrose of Merrill Lynch and pick up a reputable leadership book to learn more.


About Peter AMBROSE Merrill Lynch

Peter Ambrose has made himself an asset to Merrill Lynch, as well as other firms he worked with. This is due in part to his knowledge and expertise, which in turn are due to his determination to succeed, keep learning and work ethic. This attitude helped him greatly, and can be used by anyone looking to find more success in life.
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