Peter AMBROSE of Merrill Lynch: Personnel Management Strategy

Peter AMBROSE, Managing Director and Market Executive of Merrill Lynch, has decades of experience as a manager, leader and director. Personnel management is among his most-valued professional skills.

Personnel managers like Peter Ambrose of Merrill Lynch can deftly manage human resources within a company, helping individuals succeed and, thus, pushing the organization toward success. Below are examples of strategies that you can apply to join their ranks:

  • Skills and Availability. You need to understand the skills and availability of your personnel to effectively manage. Resource availability is subject to change, so data acquisition on skills and availability is an ongoing process.

In addition to a grasp on the skills and availability of your existing team members, stay current on the needs of the company and the resources available in your talent pools. Available talent can change in hours – if you see the person for the job, act.

  • Resource Allocation. Once you know the availability of your human resources, it’s up to you to allocate them for maximum effectiveness. Don’t overload some team members and under-utilize others.

If you’ve accepted the role of personnel manager in an existing company, conduct a company-wide survey. Include a question pertaining to how under- or over-utilized each team member feels and adjust accordingly.

Peter Ambrose has worked for Merrill Lynch since 2004. Though he accepted his role as Managing Director and Market Executive over a decade ago, he continues to study skills like personnel management on a regular basis. Take a hint from such professionals and include personnel management as a topic in your lifelong learning.


About Peter AMBROSE Merrill Lynch

Peter Ambrose has made himself an asset to Merrill Lynch, as well as other firms he worked with. This is due in part to his knowledge and expertise, which in turn are due to his determination to succeed, keep learning and work ethic. This attitude helped him greatly, and can be used by anyone looking to find more success in life.
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