Peter Ambrose of Merrill Lynch – education

Obtaining a degree from University can be the most challenging and toughest thing a person can experience. For Peter Ambrose of Merrill Lynch, it showed him that he has what it takes to make it in the world, proving that his intellect, work ethic and stamina were strong. Not only did he put many hours in studying to meet all the different challenges in University, but he found the drive to succeed.

Ambrose Graduated from Kingston High School in 1982, with many fond memories of his academic achievements and extracurricular activities. He was the captain of the football team and was the league MVP. Through football, Peter Ambrose developed team building and leadership skills, which have helped him many times throughout his career. Not only did he play football, but he was also lettered on the varsity tennis team. His skills on and off the court earned him the respect and admiration from his peers and faculty.

Peter Ambrose then went on to earn a degree from Saint Bonaventure University in 1986, where his drive and determination to push himself paid off. Peter Ambrose learned the value of hard work and what it took to process all the information presented in University. Ambrose found that going above and beyond teachers’ expectations made a huge difference in his academic career. Peter Ambrose became adept at managing time, working on a team and even surpassing even his own expectations while in school.

Peter Ambrose of Merrill Lynch prepared himself well for his positions in the financial marketplace and working as an advisor. Not only did Ambrose learn what it takes to navigate the market, but he also learned how to think critically and analyze different situations.


About Peter AMBROSE Merrill Lynch

Peter Ambrose has made himself an asset to Merrill Lynch, as well as other firms he worked with. This is due in part to his knowledge and expertise, which in turn are due to his determination to succeed, keep learning and work ethic. This attitude helped him greatly, and can be used by anyone looking to find more success in life.
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